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Pick your pillowcase for each climate

Travelite custom-fit pillowcases by Quixote give our customers the ability to choose a specific pillowcase fabric that caters to a particular climate: 100% Cotton - 400 thread count pillowcases for traveling or sleeping in warm climates, 100% Portuguese Cotton Flannel for cool climates and our Polartec® Velour Fleece for cold climates. All Travelite pillowcase styles offer this warm, cool, and cold climate pillowcase concept and function as the first line of defense to the external elements while traveling. Travelite pillowcases feature our double-flap closure design that keeps the pillow inside and dirt and debris out, and are removable for easy cleaning. Travelite pillowcase fabrics are also available in a variety of color choices.

Travelite 100% cotton, 400 thread-count pillowcases work the best in a warm climate because they are breathable, lightweight and comfortable. Travelite 100% cotton pillowcases are made with a sateen finish making them incredibly soft to the touch and really comfortable while sleeping in warm temperatures.

Travelite 100% cotton flannel pillowcases work the best in cool climates because they are warm, soft and durable. Travelite flannel pillowcases are incredibly cozy and soft while sleeping in cooler temperatures and are an excellent choice for kids.
Travelite Polartec® microfleece pillowcases work the best in cold climates because they provide maximum warmth, comfort and durability. Travelite microfleece pillowcases maintain body heat in cold temperatures providing a warm and comfortable surface to rest your head. This is our best option for winter use or for customers who have poor circulation.