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Travelite® Sancho Lumbar Pillow

PrimaLoft® Down-Free

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  1. PrimaLoft® Down-Free Microfiber

    PrimaLoft is the finest synthetic down in the market today and is made from ultra-fine microfibers that are softer than silk. Its fiber structure creates millions of air pockets between the fibers that trap heat and add comfort. All PrimaLoft filling, final assembly and quality control of our QuixoteTravelite pillows is done in the United States, guaranteeing the best comfort and craftsmanship. Travelite down-free pillows are machine washable and hypo-allergenic.

  2. Microfiber Engineered Pillow Shell

    All Classic Travelite pillows utilize our Q3-Microfiber™ rip-stop microfiber shell fabric that makes our Quixote Travelite pillows lightweight, water resistant and extremely durable while delivering our customers maximum compression when traveling.

  3. The Finest Construction

    Travelite Sancho lumbar pillows feature the finest construction methods possible. Our unique Travelite pillow shell construction has nylon piping wrapped in our Q3-Microfiber™ rip-stop fabric protecting the entire perimeter of your Travelite pillow. All Travelite pillows are then double needle tailored with nylon thread, giving our customers a travel pillow with ultimate strength and durability.

  4. Q-Loop

    Designed to keep your Travelite pillow dry and clean, this elastic loop allows for clipping, hanging, or drying.

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