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Hungarian Goose Down Travel Pillows

Nature's finest white goose down and a lightweight technically engineered pillow shell come together to create an incredibly comfortable, compressible and versatile goose down travel pillow. Coming from the coldest regions in Europe, the Hungarian goose down in our Travelite pillows is prized the world over for its exceptional quality. Simply the best in luxury travel, all Travelite goose down pillows include a 100% cotton 400 thread-count custom fit pillowcase that is removable for easy cleaning.

Goose down is the finest insulating material available today. No other insulation compares with goose down’s light weight and exceptional ability to trap and retain body heat. Goose down clusters are unmatched based on weight properties, and are the best insulating material per ounce. Our Travelite goose down pillows are resilient and will provide greater insulation than pillows made of foam, beads, fur, wool or synthetic fiber-fill. “Resilient” refers to two principle characteristics. First, goose down retains its loft and insulating ability after an almost infinite number of compressions and expansions. Second, goose down will maintain its insulating ability over years and years of service. No other insulation will maintain the function and appearance of down over time. With appropriate care, Travelite goose down pillows will retain the same insulating ability they had when they were new.