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Welcome to Travelite by Quixote 

Millions of people travel everyday.  Whether you are flying for business, visiting family over the holidays or road tripping with friends, having the comfort and cleanliness of your own pillow is a true pleasure.  Inspired by the adventures and travels of the literary classic Don Quixote, our company set out on its own adventure in 2001 to design and develop the best travel pillows on the market.  Our product vision and mission is to build lightweight, technically engineered pillows that are comfortable, compressible and versatile. Travelite pillows come in three unique styles: The Travelite Classic Pillow (Small, Medium and Large sizes), The Travelite Horseshoe Neck Pillow and The Travelite Sancho Lumbar Pillow.  Offering incredible comfort with maximum durability, all Travelite pillows by Quixote are constructed with our rip-stop microfiber fabric that beads moisture while delivering maximum pillow compression when traveling. Our Travelite pillows allow the current day traveler the liberty to sleep with the comforts of their own bedding, wherever they may go.

 “Liberty, Sancho, my friend, is one of the most precious gifts that Heaven has bestowed on mankind.”

Don Quixote {Part II, Chapter LVIII}