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“Now that airlines have started charging for pillows – or stopped offering them – it makes sense to start carrying your own. Goose-down pillows from Quixote have removable cases and can be compressed for easy packing.”
Time Magazine

“…splurge on a goose-down pillow from Quixote. The shell is made of water-resistant – rip-stop micro-fiber, and it comes with a removable pillowcase. It’s also easy to compress, which makes packing it in a carry-on a breeze.”
Travel & Leisure Magazine

“Lightweight and incredibly puffy, the Quixote goose down pillow is 14 inches long but stuffs as small as a grapefruit. For true decadence, take along the matching pillowcase or upgrade to the large pillow!”
Backpacker Magazine

“You’ve hiked, you’ve climbed, you’ve made dinner, you’ve made whoopee…now treat your camp buddy to bedtime bliss with Quixote’s packable Goose Down pillow. It’s soft as a dream with a durable water-resistant shell, and will ensure you’re well rested for the morning’s activities – whatever they may be.”
Outside Magazine – Online

“Quixote Design’s technical pillows are the sweetest item to grace a sleeping bag at the end of the day. Choose European Goose Down or PrimaLoft version, then cover with a pillowcase, made from one of three fabrics. Place securely under head at end of epic backcountry day, and sigh yourself to sleep.”
Couloir Magazine

“Tired of laying your head on a rolled up fleece pullover, a bag of donuts or your ski partner’s stinking feet? Quixote, a family run pillow company out of Washington, offers rest for the backcountry weary with their European White Goose Down Pillow.”
Backcountry Magazine

“Prime European goose down can be endlessly compressed and fluffed up - that’s why the Quixote travel pillow packs so small.”
Endless Vacation Magazine

“Just when you thought you had those overnight backcountry trips dialed in, Quixote Design’s Technical Pillows enter the scene. Talk about some fluff, these beauties have it!”
Couloir Magazine

Quixote Goose Down and PrimaLoft® Pillows - “They compress to fit easily in your carry-on bag or suitcase, yet regain their luxurious loft when unpacked.”

Quixote Packable Pillows - “After a day of outdoor adventure, this goose down pillow feels like a dream.” “Whether you are in a tent, car, or airplane, this sinfully soft pillow will have you snoozing in no time.”

“I am a believer! Thank y’all very much for helping my mom get me a couple of excellent pillows. The smaller one made the other passengers a bit jealous on a flight to Utah last week. They are already little buddies of mine. I told my wife she would have to get her own. Not that you’ll need much with such a great product, but I wish you much luck and success. Take care,”
Mark Norby              Los Angeles, CA              

“Loved the pillow, it was terrific – really! I brought it home last week, and left if on my floor (pure exhaustion set in.) I woke in the morning to find my 120-pound German shepherd sleeping with her head on it, I couldn’t believe it – she’s typically very, very fickle. With that said, it passed the test twice. The pillow will accompany me on many future journeys.”
Christian M. Stoever               Reno, NV              

“The pillow was used over the course of a weeklong camping trip in Washington State, from Mt. St. Helens to the Olympic coast. I thought it was perfect – plump (plump enough that I didn’t have to use a fleece to bolster it – very nice) and firm with some give, and excellent recovery after being compacted. It would make an excellent pillow for urban travel as well (bus, train, car, airplane, anywhere space is limited.)”
Karalynn Ott               Seattle, WA              

“My pillow was fantastic on safari. I took the small goose down pillow; it was fabulous for a tent and really added to my comfort. Easy to tuck in and love the separate pillow case…no more button imprints on my face from clothing pillows.”
Marilyn Mason               Santa Fe, NM              

"Hi, love your product. Just waiting for the large size to come out for us still using a full size pillow."            
Brian Skunberg               Eagan, MN              

“I purchased a Quixote small Synthetic Down Pillow for a recent airplane flight. It was so comfortable I used it the rest of my vacation as my primary sleeping pillow. Thanks for a great product and well designed website. Thanks from Rob.”
Rob Prout               Yakima, WA              

“I’ve been using my medium Quixote pillows so much that I would like to purchase two additional pillowcases. I just love those pillows and they are indeed such great travelers.”
Ethelyn Cohen               Scottsdale, AZ              

"I love your products and stickers to. If it's possible I'd like to receive some of them and be sure that I will be very proud to put them on my gear. Thank you very much!"
Elisabeth Delmas               Quebec, Canada              

"HI Friends, I purchased three Quixote pillows over the holidays, I kept one of the small pillows in my car for my mom as she travels with me a fair amount. Before the holidays were over, my car was broken into and my backpack with planner, my winter emergency gear and auto emergency gear bags were stolen. In one of these bags was my mom's pillow. How can I get another small down pillow? By the way, these pillows are wonderful!"
Jennifer Krohn               Grinnel, IA              

“I am a fan of your down pillow and would like to purchase a few more...”                                             
Stephen Goldhar               Toronto, Canada              

“Thank you for adding the neck pillow to your ever growing line up. It worked beyond what the atypical neck pillow does. I am completely satisfied. I know there are many other neck pillows out there but you have reinvented sliced bread! On a nine hour flight I was the only lucky one with the pillow because I slept. My wife was not so lucky. Hers is now on order. The proof is in the pillow! Thank you Quixote.”
Luca Adriani               Lake Tahoe, CA              

“What a great gift. I took a Quixote pillow to New Orleans to give to my young cousin for his upcoming adventure at summer camp. He then walked around the house with it for five days with a huge grin. It was the best “thank you” I have ever received.”
Kip Kossman               Truckie, CA              

“After two years, my Large Quixote pillows have done an impressive job of keeping their loft. My head still sinks into them like they were brand new! In addition to daily use at home, they have traveled with me on vacations and camping trips, and have held up better than any pillow I've owned. They never need to be 'fluffed' like most down pillows do, they just return to their magical lofty state on their own. If anything ever happened to my them, I would re-buy another pair in a minute, without looking at anything else first.
Christopher Wilson               Seattle, WA              

"I'm a new mom and received the Sancho Pillow as a gift. It has been a GREAT support for my back while I'm recovering from a C-section and trying to feed my little guy. I will recommend it to other new moms!"
Ann Beard                            

" I bought my Classic Goose Down for a 3 night backpack trip. I have graduated from balling up a sweatshirt for a camping pillow, and love it! Can't believe I missed out on such quality, comfort and convenience all of these years!"

"Hi, I absolutely love your neck pillow for long trips to Kuwait and at home. Thanks."                                                     
Teresa Lee                          

"I have had my quixote pillow with me throughout my travels for the last few years. It has been in hammocks in Cambodia, tents in the Sierra mountains, and many a plane flight in between. When I lost it this year I had to hurry up and get a new one as my travels wouldn't be as comfortable without one!"
Daniela Ruby Papi             Briarcliff Manor, New York              

"I recently recieved a Travelite Classic Pillow as a gift and brought it with me on my Susan G Komen 3-Day walk. It couldn't have worked out more perfectly. Not only was it extremely comfortable and easy to clean, but it is also ultra compact which is very necessary when dealing with very limited personal space. This is and will be my go-to pillow anytime I'm not sleeping in my own bed."
Casey Gibson             Seattle, WA              


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